University Tube™

Low cost, high-quality, multipurpose tubes

Diploma Storage University TubesThe University Tube multipurpose paper tube has an infinite number of uses. Featuring both low cost and great looks, the University Tube container is making an impact on campuses everywhere. It’s available in all school colors and includes a printed logo or seal if so desired. You can choose from a variety of styles, sizes and finishes. It’s sturdy, and safe to mail or use for storage. They are suitable for formal occasions yet still inexpensively priced from twenty-five cents to around a dollar.

Preserve Their Memories

University  Tube - Degree Holders, Diploma MailersGraduation is an important milestone in a student’s life and the ultimate symbol of the graduation ceremony is the diploma. Students need a reliable way to store their diploma, ensuring its safety for years to come. Universities need an appropriate container for the diploma, combining pleasing aesthetics, security and cost-effective practicality. The University Tube diploma container offers both, allowing diplomas to be presented, mailed and stored in perfect condition. The University Tube container can also be used during the graduation ceremony to commemorate the commencement experience, even if the diploma is not ready at graduation.

Motivate Alumni

Show your alumni how much they matter to your school with a mailing delivered in a University Tube mailer. Use it to solicit contributions, mail awards, send thank you letters or as an inventive way to deliver any kind of correspondence. Give your capital campaign a boost with an impressive appeal package delivered in an equally impressive University Tube mailer. Your options are unlimited.

Recruit Students

Diploma Tubes and Diploma StorageStudent recruitment gets more competitive every year. Now you can get the advantage thanks to the unique 3-D shape of the University Tube container. It commands attention from prospective students, generates greater interest and sets your school’s mailings apart from the crowd. There’s no better way to mail brochures, letters and premium items like t-shirts, hats and water bottles.Jonesville Paper Tube has been creating custom packaging solutions for nearly 50 years. Whether you’re a large university or a small school, we will work with you to create the ideal tube to fit your needs. No order is too large or too small. We offer the personal service that every customer deserves. Contact us today to see what solution we can provide for you.

Recyclable and Biodegradable Paper Tubes Paper tubes are 100% recyclable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

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